Session date

  • 100% ONLINE COURSE: January 2023


The programme is taught entirely in English


  • Define the main characteristics of financial instruments used in financial markets: plain vanilla & exotic products, Delta One products, derivatives and structured products
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of how each instrument works and to use it: from a stand-alone product to special financing structures
  • Acquire a sound knowledge of the regulatory and compliance framework and how to use it in the US context
  • Identify the major risks associated and to set up controls that may mitigate them
  • Understand and handle the forthcoming technical developments and challenges in the sector of finance (fintechs, big data…)

Targeting Skills

  • Produce macroeconomic and geopolitical analyses of the impact on financial markets
  • Carry out technical analysis of financial products and benchmark index
  • Designing and building complex financial products
  • Carrying out operations on the financial markets
  • Monitoring the compliance of financial market transactions


  1. Macroeconomics and Geopolitical analysisTypology of financial assets/instruments
  2. Processing of computer dataFintechs and big data/Blockchain and derivatives – Phython coding – Wall Street Trades (financial services)
  3. Structured products and alternative investmentTradings and shares, repo – Structured products – Alternative investment, Hedge Funds
  4. Portfolio management and Technical analysis
    Quantitative portfolio management (liquidity management, portfolio risk management, risk assessment) – Fundamentals of technical analysis (preparation for CFTe1)
  5. Derivatives instruments, regulation and compliance
    Financial market law and regulation – Financial market compliance – Risk management (regulation context)


  • Time volume : 380 hours over 12 months
  • Frequency : 1 module every 4 weeks

Audience for this diploma

This course is primarily aimed at professionals working in France or abroad who wish to deepen their knowledge and/or reorient their career towards the trading industry:

  • Students or professionals who want to boost their career or make a career shift
  • Professionals wishing to take a proactive approach to developing their professional skills while broadening their personal and professional horizons
  • Professionals wishing to complete professional experience in management
  • Professionals wishing to promote a professional course (Front & Middle)
  • Professionals wishing to an upgrade (Front, Middle, Back) – Manage market positions on a personal or professional basis


  • Recognized Diploma (high school diploma +4/5 equivalent at least) or Recognized Professional experience (high school diploma +2/3 equivalent at least + professional experience of at least 3 or 5 years in related areas)
  • Professionals who have between 3 and 10 years of experience in finance or related areas (middle/back office, risk management, investment funds, audit, etc